Wellness Policy

List of Resources

Title Description File Size
Reporting Tool User Manual This manual is a step by step process of all things regarding the Wellness Policy Reporting tool. 640.6 KB
2015/2016 Webinar-WP Reporting Tool View 2015/16 webinar slides on the Reporting tool. Watch the webinar at the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ufzp84jiL4&list=PLGdlCTs4dQTfYTLj7Vg9VXzDfmqApGipq&index=15 3.0 MB
Elementary School Health Index The School Health Index is a self-assessment and planning tool that can be used to improve health, safety policies and programs. 2.5 MB
Secondary School Health Index The School Health Index is a self assessment and planning tool that schools can used to improve their health, safety policies and programs. 1.6 MB
Wellness Reporting Tool Questions This word document contains all the questions found in the Wellness Policy Implementation report. Use this resource to track your progress throughout the year. If you are having difficulties navigating the online tool, this word document can be filled out and returned to Bobbie Davidson at bdavidson@agri.nv.gov to fulfill the annual reporting requirement. 356.9 KB
Smart Snack Calculator https://foodplanner.healthiergeneration.org/calculator/ Follow this link to use the Alliance For Healthier Generation's Smart Snack Calculator to find out if your snack is compliant. Keep in mind Nevada is more strict then than national standards and does not allow carbonated beverages. 59.4 KB
HUSSC Application Application to become a certified HUSSC (HealthierUS School Challenge) school 2.9 MB
HUSSC Criteria All the criteria to participate in HealthierUS School Challenge. 158.8 KB